Entry 1 — IAC Award

Entry 1

A date with your printer:
Getting to know a product through highly personalized mailings


Recipients have the option to register their printer during installation which then registers them for the Epson Newsletter.

So that they receive targeted and personalized contents for their product. Since every printer has different features and functionalities, it is helpful for customers to be briefly informed about these in an email. In this way, they have an overview of all important information about their device and, in the event of problems or user error, have a quick solution and overview of which steps must be taken to get the printer functioning again or where they can find the right ink for their printer model. This increases customer satisfaction for the user, and the device is utilized with greater frequency. Customer loyalty to Epson is strengthened and purchase of the appropriate accessories is improved.

Target audience:

The target audience is all newsletter recipients who have registered a printer for home use. This includes any of approximately 60 models. The personalized email is automatically triggered and sent 18 days after the date of purchase. The emailing campaign is sent out to customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

Ideas, strategies and implementation 

The idea behind the campaign was to give customers a checklist in their hands which would help them become better familiarized with their new printer and to give them a quick overview of all of the important functions of their model. Epson currently provides this email for approx. 60 different printers in the home use area.

With the help of the mailings, the recipients can check whether they are already using or have installed the functions mentioned. These include, for instance, the correct consumables (ink, paper), the right settings for the print head or the WLAN functions. For every printer feature or functionality listed, a link to a special page with the model registered by the customer on his country's website is provided.

Not only the links in the email are very personalized. The current printer and correct ink are shown in an illustration in the email.

To ensure that the correct consumables, instruction guides, etc. for each model are shown, the data must be available in a product feed that can be accessed through the HTML code. That's why a dynamic script language is employed in the HTML code which calls up the current information about the product from the feed. It allows changes to be integrated into the emails without any additional effort in a timely way and ensures that the recipient always receives the correct and corresponding information and links to his model. The email is individually and flexibly programmed so that there are no limits in how it can be designed.

The HTML code is integrated in an outsourced web application so that the mailings do not need to be created in the mailing system itself, and the requests for production information do not lead to any performance bottlenecks because of the sheer volume. The HTML code is called up in the mailing system using a unique ID.

With a single email, more than 300 individual email versions for different models in different languages can be created without any difficulty and automatically sent every day. Because the HTML code is integrated into an outsourced web application, another thousand personalized emails can be sent in addition to the checklist email distribution. It also allows several employees to work simultaneously in the distribution account while creating further personalized emails without any loss of performance.

To give customers enough time to rudimentarily use the product and familiarize themselves with its basic functions, the automatic personalized email is only triggered on the eighteenth day after the date of purchase. Recipients are selected automatically from the database every day and forwarded to the mailer system so that the emails can be triggered.


Results/success of the campaign

  • The recipients find the emails helpful and use the various tips.

  • The opening rates for the emails are 46 % on average for all five countries.

  • The click rate is about 15%. This means the click-to-open rate is over 32%.

These results are from the time period between August 2014 and December 2014.


The idea behind the campaign was to give customers a checklist which could be used to familiarize themselves with their new printers and, with that, to achieve stronger customer loyalty through the positive experience with the product. The checklist also anticipatively answers the most important questions which otherwise would land in Support. The email thus can also relieve Support. The focus of the emails is the printer functions and how the recipient can set them up. Epson offers about 60 different printers for home use.

The emails are personalized in terms of the printer registered by the customer. Every checklist item has a link to the country website where the printer model function or feature is explained in more detail. In addition to the corresponding links, the registered printer and the correct ink are depicted in the mailing.

Putting the mailing variations together takes place automatically in the CCF - Content Consolidation Factory. It manages content data from the product database with management data from the CRM. This makes it possible to produce and send over 300 different variations using a single email.

To give customers enough time to rudimentarily use the product and familiarize themselves with its basic functions, the automatic personalized email is only triggered on the eighteenth day after the date of purchase.